how long do Fairlife protein shakes last

How Long Do Fairlife Protein Shakes Last

How long do Fairlife protein shakes last? Protein Shake is very popular because of its nutritional value to the body. Protein Shakes are for those people who have a hard time meeting up to their balance diet and are especially low in protein.

They are made from protein powder. They are also nice for workouts because they are beneficial and also enhance the results of the Workout.

So, how long do Fairlife Protein Shakes Last Unrefrigerated?

Once opened, Fairlife protein shakes last for 12 to 24 hours unrefrigerated and Unopened shakes will last according to the best-by date at the top or bottom of the container.

Fairlife Protein Shake is a protein-rich drink that is taken either before or after a workout.

They are made from ultra-filtered lactose-free milk.

Reviews had shown that it will be very healthy for your lifestyle if it is added to your balance diet routine.

It is especially best for those who have a hard time meeting up to their protein gain routine.

Consuming a high volume of protein can give muscles and also maintain them.

Fairlife Protein Shake also gives the feeling of fullness and a satisfying feeling.

But take note that moderation in everything is vital and also important, always take Fairlife Protein Shake in moderation.

Fairlife Protein Shake can last long when it’s not yet opened.

It tends to have a long shelf life when it’s Still sealed, but after opening it should be placed in the refrigerator for preservation.

It can only last not more than 24 hours before spoilage.

So after opening your Fairlife Protein Shake, it is advisable to put it in the refrigerator so that it can be used again.


How To Store Protein Shakes?

It is important to keep your protein powder and shakes sealed and dried for life and longevity, but let’s not forget the temperature.

The review had shown that protein shakes are Best stored in a place that’s cool and dry because it enables them to last longer.

A cupboard is one of the best places to store or preserve protein shakes when it is still sealed and not yet opened.

Make sure the place you are storing the sealed powder is not too hot or too cold,

This is because when it’s too cold the protein shake might become condensed while when it’s too hot it is still bad for the shake.

Storing it in a place too hot for a long period of time can increase the oxidation of the powder

Thereby making the taste and color look weird and taste weirdly and different.

But if it’s opened and already been made it is Best stored in the refrigerator.

The refrigerator can’t store it for a very long period of time.

Keep your unopened sealed powdered shake In a cool, dry, and dark place until use.

While after opening the store it is in the refrigerator.


How Long Does Protein Shake Last After Expiration Date?

There’s no specific date or time that protein shakes can last after the expiration date,

But tests had shown that they can still be taken after their expiration date after some period of depending on the condition it’s in.

Protein shakes will remain good for consumption after their Expiration date if there’s no sign that it is spoilt.

If you notice your protein shake has a rancid smell, different and weird color, change of taste, bitter taste,

Or if it’s becoming clumpy, all these are signs that is it spoilt, and you must throw it away and get a new one.

Some users said it can be used for three months after its expiration date(though not a hundred percent concluded).

Since the shake is powdered in the form it has a low risk of forming bacteria and fungal in it.

If the shake is expired the protein’s high value will also reduce.

Some shakes develop bacteria and fungi when it’s expired.

This can lead to stomach bloating, stomach pain, and other gaseous issues.

Your health might even deteriorate.


How To Tell If Protein Shake Has Gone Bad

It is very easy to know or tell if your protein shake is bad.

When your protein shake is going bad or already bad everything about the protein shake will change from its original form,

There will be a change from the time you bought it to the way it’s looking now.

The protein powder that has milk ingredients will have a fun and rank odor when it goes bad.

The powder tends to be drier and doesn’t taste good, if it tastes like cardboard please do well to dispose of it.

Another sign that it has gotten worse is when you see clumps or seeds inside the powder

Meaning that moisture has gotten inside the powder which would be harmful for consumption.


How Long Do Protein Shakes Last In The Freezer?

It is openly and knowingly good to store Shake In the freezer, in fact,

That’s one of the preservative measures for Making the shake last longer.

But protein shake still has it shelf life in the freezer, test had shown that

They can last up to three months in the fridge if it’s being stored well and properly.

To store it properly in the freezer, make sure the container is tightly covered

Or use an air-tight container to avoid air entering the container

Also, the smell from the fridge will not enter the protein shake.

Make sure to store them in a bigger can because when shakes are frozen they tend to expand,

To prevent tearing or busting of the can or container ensure to store in a bigger container to leave space for the enlargement.



5 Best Substitute For Fairlife Protein Shake?


1. Premiern shake:

This protein shake is Just so similar to Fairlife Protein Shake.

Just like Fairlife, they are great for boosting your supplement and also great for after a workout.

It is also good for recovery after a workout.

It is known as a healthy drink that boosts your protein intake and also other immune systems.

Though it has uncomfortable side effects for some people because of some of the ingredients used in making it.

It contains one gram of sugar, one hundred and sixty calories, and thirty gram of protein.

It has a good content but it isn’t suitable for all to take because we all have different immune systems.

A premier protein shake is also known to contain excess food additives.

Though addictive is not necessarily bad for the body, it can accumulate in the system

And cause gastrointestinal effects like bloating, diarrhea, gas, stomach pain, and constipation.

2. Question Vanilla Protein Flavored:

This is a dairy-based protein shake.

It is smooth in the mouth and has this nice, creamy viscosity.

It has a White color and kind of tastes like Ice cream.

The sweetness is derived from an artificial sweetener called sucralose.

3. Premiern Chocolate Protein Shake:

When it comes to healthiness, this protein shake is number one. It also has a great taste. And it is surely a number one choice.

Testers proclaimed that it tastes like chocolate milk.

The reviews had shown that it is similar to a yoo-hoo beverage because of its smooth texture.

4. Dymatize ISO 100 Gourmet Vanilla:

This is also a good diary-based protein shake.

A tester said it has a classic powered milk flavor.

Though some people think that it’s overly sweet.

5. Essential Very Vanilla Protein:

This protein comes with many ingredients which include brown rice, Sacha inchi seed, etc.


Is It Okay To Leave Protein Shake In The Fridge?

Yes, it’s okay to put a protein shake in the fridge because it serves as a preservation to the protein.

But it has a limited time to which it can last in the freezer.

Protein shakes still has it shelf life in the freezer, test had shown that they can last up to three months in the fridge if it’s being stored well and properly.

To store it properly in the freezer, make sure to close the container tightly

Or better still store it in an air-tight container so that the smell from the fridge will not enter the protein shake

And also to avoid air from entering the container.

So in conclusion it is possible to put a protein shake in the freezer without affecting the protein-rich nutrients and absorption.


Is It Better To Drink Protein Shake Before Or After Workout?

The answer to this question is depending on your diet plan and the goal you’re seeking during your workout.

Many people prefer taking it after a workout,

It has even been considered a golden standard because at that time the protein is delivered faster,

And protein that is delivered faster Often delivers amino acids into the bloodstream where they are vital the most.

Taking it after a workout will make you gain muscle faster and also recover from your muscle pain.

If you are to take the protein after a workout make sure to take it thirty minutes after the workout.

While taking it before Workout will prepare you for your workout and also give you the strength to do the workout.

Remember the best time to take protein shakes is depending on you, your health status, and your fitness goals.

The human body differs, some absorb protein faster while some absorb them slower.




Protein shakes are very vital for workouts and other protein-rich development.

It also has storage procedures that must be followed in other to preserve the protein shake.

Fairlife is also known for its nice taste and smooth feeling on the tongue. It is a to-go shake.

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