how to cook with carbon steel pans

How To Cook With Carbon Steel Pans

Carbon Steel pan is made up of 99%iron and 1% carbon. Carbon and steel are one of the strongest combinations because fire goes through them repeatedly without causing any damage.

Reviews had shown that fire even makes them stronger. Carbon Steel Pans are very popular in the kitchen and too many chefs in the world today. It is very Handy and easy to use. Though they conduct heat poorly, they are good at retaining heat.

How To Cook With Carbon Steel Pans?

Carbon Steel and iron cast are similar in many ways.

Carbon Steel and iron cast both conduct heat poorly and retain heat nicely. Due to these features, it’s the best for roasting.

To use this pan, first remove the coating of the pan, steel pans always come with a coating that prevents the pan from rusting and also from dust.

After removing it, read and follow the instructions indicated on the pan.

Wash the pan thoroughly after reading the instructions (take note that all these procedures involve first-time users).

After washing the pan immediately dry the pan because it’ll get rust.

The coating which you removed is the protective piece that protects it from rusting. So dry immediately after washing.

Heat the pan to Ensure every moisture is gone.

After heating the pan, apply the seasoning first layer.

It is important to heat the pan first before applying seasoning because it helps the oil go very thin.

The next step is to apply the oil, and when doing so, do it sparingly.

Any oil can do the work be it coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil, vegetable oil, etc.

Take note and remember not to use oil-based stuff like butter because it has milk and water mixed into it.

Rub the oil on the back and front of the pan, spreading It and wiping off excess oil until it looks dry.

If it is too oily, it will mess up what you are doing.

After oiling the pan let it heat either in the hot oven or the burner.

Beware that the smoke will be too much, so open your windows and turn on the AC.

When the smoke stops it shows that the transformation is complete.

Repeat this process over and over until the pan is completely dark or deep brown.

Now you can use the pan to cook. The more you use the pan, the more seasoning you build up.


What To Avoid Cooking In Carbon Steel Pans?

First and foremost, acidic stuff does not go with carbon steel because it will peel off or fade off the pan’s seasoning.

It can also give your food an acidic taste. When you say acidic food it implies vinegar, tomato paste, pineapple, wine, citrus, etc.

99%of carbon steel is iron so it is reactive. So if you have any acidic food you want to cook, you should cook it in your stainless-clad pan.

Instead of cooking acidic food, you can cook non-acidic food like eggs, chicken, fish, steak, vegetables, etc.

When the carbon steel pan is still new, it is good to avoid anything watery in the pan be it watery food

Or boiling water because it can make your seasoning face peel off.



Why Does Everything Stick To My Carbon Steel Pan?

Yes, it is true. Everything tends to stick to the carbon steel pan because of the development of the seasoning.

You Will eventually find out that your food sticks to the pan.

Do not fear because it is normal and a result of repeating seasoning after seasoning for more extended use.

Avoid Cooking food that is liable to stick to the pan until you have fine a thorough seasoning.

Food like eggs shouldn’t be cooked or fried on a pan that’s still undergoing seasoning because it will stick to the pan.

Another reason why food stick to the pan is because it doesn’t have a smooth face.

It has tiny pores that get bigger the more hour cook with the pan.

Since the pores on the pans are getting bigger, food tends to stick to the pan. Excess heat is also a reason for its stickiness.

When the pan is hot, the pores on it stats contracting and when any cold food item comes in contact with it, it relaxes and sticks to the pan.

Oil not being hot enough is also another reason to stick to the pan.

When the oil is cold it is not hot enough, it won’t spread to hot oil, thereby making the steaming effect not take place which makes the food stick with the pan.

Not maintaining the pan properly can also make it sticky.


What To Cook First In Carbon Steel Pan?

Cooking steak and bacon is recommended when cooking with a steel pan for the first time.

Other foods include searing scallops and fish. This food is good to cook first because they’re not sticky and also not acidic.

Searing is number one when it comes to what to cook first in a carbon steel pan because it supports cast iron.

Reviews had shown that cast iron is good for searing talk more carbon heat which is more Better.

Carbon gets hot twice faster as cast iron.

Remember if it is your first time using a carbon steel pan, follow the procedures of seasoning before using it to cook.

If you follow the seasoning procedure it will be easier to cook with the pan.



How To Clean Carbon Steel Pan?

There are different methods and techniques used in cleaning a steel pan ranging from how tarnished or unclean the steel pan is.

When the carbon steel pan to be washed does not have burns on it,

It can be cleaned by simply using dishwashing soap and a sponge and this can be done by adding warm water to the pan,

Add detergent to the water in the pan, then use the sponge to scrub gently till all food particles,

The oily substance and other dirty kinds of stuff are out.

When it comes to a carbon steel pan that has burnt food particles on it,

Firstly, soak it in warm water for fifteen to thirty minutes and then wash it off with warm water, dishwashing soap, and a sponge.

If the burns are very difficult to remove or very hard there are a few ways to get rid of the burnt food particles.

One way to remove hard food burns from a carbon steel pan is by adding water, vinegar, with baking soda and scrubbing thoroughly till the burns come off,

Another way to remove or clean the burns is by boiling the pan for some minutes

And this involves adding water to the pan till it’s filled up or till it has exceeded the part of the burn marks,

Add vinegar, baking soda with lemon juice, then place the mixture on the gas stove and boil for 15 -30 minutes,

At intervals keep checking with a scraper if the burns can quickly come off, and if they can you can turn off the gas stove

If it doesn’t continue boiling till it’s able to come off,

Then remove the hot water and replace it with cold water and then wash with dishwashing soap and a sponge.

Lastly, it can be cleaned by making a paste from a mixture of baking soda, and lemon juice with a little water and using it to scrub off burns.


10 Best Carbons Steel Pans

Here are the most efficient and best carbon steel pans to purchase;

1. Smithey Carbon Steel Round Roaster.

2. Joyce Chen Carbon Steel Nonstick Wok Set.

3. Northwest Skillet Company Carbon Steel Pans.

4. Lodge Seasoned Steel Skillet.

5. Magefesa Carbon Steel Paella Pan.

6. Matfer Bourgeat Black Carbon Steel Pan.

7. BK Cookware 12-Inch Black Carbon Steel Skillet.

8. De Buyer Mineral B Fry Pan.

9. Made In Blue Carbon Steel Frying Pan.

10. De Buyer Mineral B Crepe & Tortilla Pan.



How Often To Use Carbon Steel?

The carbon steel cookware can be used as often as possible if maintained well at all times

And it’s maintenance is very essential for its life span and there are some ways to maintain the carbon steel to be able to make use of it often.

One of these maintenance techniques includes making sure the carbon steel materials or cookware are always dry,

After use make sure to always wash them and then dry clean them with a dry clean towel or cloth as this can make sure it is available for reuse again.

Another way to maintain the carbon steel to make sure it’s available for continuous use

Is by seasoning the carbon steel involves first washing the carbon steel after removing its coating,

Next dry clean the pan very well with a clean cloth or towel then heat the pan on a gas stove at a temperature of 450°F

After which a thin layer of oil will be applied evenly around the pan with the aid of a cloth after doing this

Reheat the carbon steel again and keep repeating this process until it gives off a dark brown color.


What Not To Cook In Carbon Steel?

When using carbon steel cookware to cook, it is essential to note what kind of food can be prepared with it

And what kind of food cannot be prepared with it?

Carbon Steel cookware can be used to prepare all kinds of foods except foods that are acidic

This is because Carbon Steel metals are very reactive in nature so it is best to avoid acidic foods like tomatoes, citrus, or vinegar

As these acidic foods can be prepared in a stainless steel pot, not carbon steel cookware which is very reactive.




Carbon Steel cookware can be used to cook all kinds of foods except acidic foods

This is because it is very reactive so when it comes to acidic cooking foods it is best to use stainless steel cookware.

Also, carbon Steel can easily rust or corrode if exposed to air for a long time while being wet,

Sotoo avoid corrosion or rusting it is best to always wash

And dry clean Carbon Steel cookware after use and this can make it last for a very long time.

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