how long does c4 pre workout last

How Long Does Pre Workout Last?

The C4 pre-workout is an effective supplement taken before working out to boost one’s energy and prepare one physically and mentally for the exercise ahead.

It is made from caffeine and creatine which helps improve the effects of a workout. It is observed that it can easily get used to one’s system and when this happens the effects are barely noticed.

So, how long does C4 Pre-Workout last?

How long the C4 pre-workout powder will last in one’s system depends on the individual consuming it

And this is because we humans have a different makeup, some have a high tolerance for caffeine

While others have zero or no tolerance for caffeine.

For the human system depending on the kind of person and the amount taken or consumed,

The C4 pre-workout will last between the range of thirty minutes to eight hours after consumption.

Its shelf life depends on if it is opened or unopened and how properly it is stored.

When it comes to the storage of C4 pre-workout after opening it is good to note that good storage can help the energy booster last long

Even after opening and bad storage can reduce its life span greatly after opening.

For it to last long after opening it is best to store it in the fridge as not storing it in the fridge can lead to it becoming worse and also it should be stored at room temperature.

While for the storage of an unopened C4 Pre Workout,

It should be kept in a cool dry place, away from water and sunlight

It should also be kept at room temperature. The normal shelf life of the C4 pre-workout unopened is two years before expiration.


How Long Does C4 Pre Workout Take To Kick In?

The C4 pre-workout energy powder is known for its quick effect but still, its effect depends on each individual

How much they are able to tolerate the caffeine contained in the pre-workout drink

Some have a high tolerance for caffeine while others have zero or no tolerance for caffeine.

Normally it takes twenty to thirty minutes for the drink to kick in but it kicks in faster for those who have zero

Or no tolerance to caffeine even when taken in small quantities while this who have high caffeine

Tolerance kicks in much slower when taken in Small quantities, but when taken.

In a Normal quantity, it takes 30 minutes for a person who is average that is one who doesn’t have a high or low tolerance to caffeine.


10 Best Substitutes For C4 Pre-Workout

The C4 pre-workout drink is known to boost one’s energy and prepare one for an exercise ahead but there are other alternatives or substitutes for it.

Here are ten of them:

  1. Huge Supplements Pump Serum.
  2. Pre-JYM Pre-Workout.
  3. Transparent Labs Stim-Free Pre-Workout.
  4. Jacked Factory Nitrosurge.
  5. Onnit Alpha BRAIN Pre-Workout.
  6. Legion Athletics Pulse.
  7. Naked Nutrition Naked Energy.
  8. Onnit Total Strength + Performance.
  9. PumpSurge Stim-Free Pre-Workout
  10. Transparent Labs LEAN.


How Much Caffeine Is In C4 Pre-Workout?

The amount of caffeine that is contained in the C4 pre-workout is dependent on either the size of the amount taken, the size of the container, or the number of scoops taken.

For each scoop of the C4 pre-workout taken,

It contains 150mg of caffeine and for the normal container of the C4 pre-workout it contains a total of 300mg of caffeine.

For the C4 pre-workout drink,

For every FL oz, it contains 12.5mg of caffeine which is equivalent to 42.27 mg per 100ml,

And for every 16 FL oz, it contains 200mg total of caffeine.


Does C4 Pre-Workout Have Creatine?

The C4 pre-workout is a product that contains ingredients like beta-alanine, creatine nitrate, arginine, and caffeine.

Most of the different types of C4 pre-workout drink or powder contains Creatine for example

The Blue Raspberry is made up of 3 grams of creatine monohydrate and a caffeine amount of 135mg

Also, another C4 contains 1000 milligrams of creatine nitrate per serving.

But the C4 Ripped pre-workout contains no creatine at all as it is known as a creatine-free type of C4 pre-workout product,

Another creatine-free pre-workout C4 is the Flagship C4 which does not contain creatine at all and it aids or promotes the loss of fats.

But most of the C4 pre-workout drink or powder contains caffeine and creatine

Which aids in the improvement of productiveness and effectiveness during a workout.


C4 Pre-Workout Instructions:

The C4 pre-workout has a lot of instructions ranging from its use to its warning and directions.

For its usage, first of all, make sure to take 1 scoop of the powder which is equivalent to 6.5g

And this should not be exceeded and then add the 1 scoop to 5 to 6 FL oz of water

Take the mixture 20 – 30 minutes before starting your workout as this would lead to an increase in productivity.

Note that if one scoop of the powder had become less effective due to frequent usage,

It would be best to increase it to two scoops per drink but the two scoops should not be exceeded

Always ensure to drink enough water for this process.

When it comes to instructions concerning those who are allowed to use it

Warning it is best to follow them because there are certain people who are not allowed to use them and this includes:

  • People less than eighteen years of age.
  • Pregnant women.
  • Mothers who are nursing their newborn infants.
  • People with chest pains are currently on nitrates.
  • People with erectile dysfunction are making use of medications such as PDE-5 inhibitors.
  • People who are trying to detach from the usage of caffeine as this product contains a very high amount of caffeine.
  • People who are preparing to go into surgery.
  • People with low or high blood pressure.
  • People with diseases like stroke, seizure disorder, anxiety, diabetes, thyroid, glaucoma, liver, heart , or kidney.
  • People with prostrate enlargement which causes difficulty in urinating.


C4 Pre-Workout Nutritional Facts:

When it comes to the nutritional fact of the C4 pre-workout,

Each container contains a total of thirty scoops or thirty servings and contains no sugar,

It contains one gram of carbohydrate which helps in providing glucose for the body

Which can be turned into energy that aids in physical activities and body functions.

It also contains 250g (417%) of vitamin C which is also known as ascorbic acid

Which is a water-soluble nutrient that helps keep the body healthy by fighting infections,

Keeping the tissues healthy and healing wounds.


How To Tell If C4 Pre Workout Is Expired?

After two years of manufacture or production, the C4 pre-workout is bound to expire.

So in order to tell if the C4 pre-workout product is expired,

Check for the expiration date on the body of the container located next to the lot number

Also, watch out for signs like discoloration, bad taste, weird texture, and appearance, or smell different from its original smell or appearance.




The C4 pre-workout drink or powder is to be taken 20-30 minutes before exercise as it helps in productiveness during the workout.

The product also has a lot of nutrients that are needed in both large and small quantities

And these nutrients aid in building up the body, maintaining stable health, replenishing tissues, and blood cells,

Also giving energy by breaking down food.

This nutrient includes Carbohydrates, vitamins like vitamin B12, vitamin B6, vitamin B3, and vitamin C, it also contains calcium.

It is best to always check out for the expiration date of the product as the consumption of the expired product might lead to severe health issues.

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