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How Long Do Egg Tarts Last?

How long do egg tarts last? Egg tarts are special kinds of tarts that are circular in shape.

It has an outer flaky pastry texture and is filled with an egg custard that is already prepared and sweetened.

Even though they contain a low nutritional value, they are well known in china because it is delicious and come in different varieties.

Apart from the mouth-watering taste and flavors, it is important you add them to your diet because they are good for young adults that are growing.


So, how long do egg tarts last in the fridge?

Egg tarts can last up to three to five days in the fridge.

After baking them, they will still be very hot and must be allowed to cool at room temperature before storing them in the fridge.

You must do everything possible to ensure that air and moisture don’t get in contact with your egg tarts.

They are very fragile and can quickly become less flaky and stale.

You should not place them directly in the fridge because they also have a moist environment.

It must be carefully covered in plastic wrap, and diligently wrapped tightly as possible without squashing the egg tart.

This process enables it to be protected from air and any form of water content.

After successfully wrapping it, the next step is to place it in an airtight container which serves as extra protection.

The last step is to store it in the fridge, and this helps to slow down the growth of microbes which is a result of the cool temperature.

Following the above process will help your egg tarts to last up to a week in good quality.

How Long Do Egg Tarts Last At Room Temperature?

Egg tarts can approximately last for about two days at room temperature.

But it must not be stored carelessly or else it will go bad.

Unlike the refrigerator where you use plastic wrap, a paper bag is used in this case.

Use a paper bag to wrap it properly, then you place it inside a plastic zip-lock bag.

Ensure you carefully squeeze out all the air before closing the bag.

It should be stored in a cool dry place like your pantry or cupboard and must also be free from sunlight and heat sources.

The paper bag and plastic zip-lock bag also serve as protection for the egg tart.

It protects it from microbial contamination that is found mostly at room temperature.

Apart from that, it also acts as a shield from moisture and air.

This can result in oxidation, resulting in serious damage to its texture which makes it look soggy or slimy.

Storing properly at room temperature will extend the shelf life to forty- eight hours.


Do Egg Custard Tarts Need To Be Refrigerated?

It is advisable to refrigerate your egg custard tarts because it comes with a lot of benefits.

Storing at room temperature will only last for about two days, but refrigerating it will extend its shelf life to five days or more.

If the quantity is small and you have decided to consume within forty-eight hours, then you can store it in a cool dry place at normal room temperature.

Refrigeration also helps to slow down the growth of microbes and the oxidation process.

Egg custard tarts taste so much better when served cold.

The unique flavor totally comes out in a cold state and is even better than in a warm state.

However, some may prefer it warm and that is totally okay.


How Do You Store Homemade Egg Tarts?

There are two major ways of storing your homemade egg tarts.

It can be stored in the fridge or pantry. In order for it to last longer at room temperature, it must be wrapped in a paper bag and placed in a plastic zip-lock bag.

The environment must be cool, dry, and free from sunlight and heat.

If you want it to last for a little bit longer, then your fridge is the best option.

Use plastic wrap to cover it and place it in a clean airtight container before storing it in the refrigerator.

These two methods can help you store your homemade egg tarts successfully after you have baked them.


Can You Eat Egg Tarts Cold?

Yes, you can eat your tarts in a cold state.

In fact, it largely depends on your choice and how you want it served.

Most people prefer it to be eaten warm immediately after you have baked it.

If you want to eat them cold, ensure that it is consumed within twenty-four hours.

Once it has stayed in the fridge for more than one day, it is better to reheat your egg tarts.

You just have to preheat your oven to about three hundred and fifty degrees Fahrenheit and quickly place the tart in the oven and warm it for about five minutes.

Then you remove them and serve them warm.


10 Best Substitutes For Egg Tarts

Without a doubt, egg tarts are delicious and yummy.

But in a situation where you run out of eggs, it is good that you are aware of other alternatives that can also taste great too.

Here are the ten best substitutes for eggs. They include;

  1. Chocolate almond and buckwheat tart
  2. Berries and cream tart
  3. Tomato chevre tart
  4. Strawberry lemonade tart
  5. Brown butter apple tart
  6. Lemon meringue tart
  7. Spanish nut tart
  8. Butter tart
  9. Crostata
  10. Tarte Normande

These substitutes are worth trying because they are nutritious and tasty.

How To Store Portuguese Egg Tarts

Portuguese egg tarts can be stored using three methods.

It can be stored successfully at room temperature.

Utilize a paper pack to wrap appropriately, then place it inside a plastic zip-lock sack.

Guarantee you cautiously crush out all the air prior to shutting the pack.

It ought to be put away in a cool dry spot like your storage room or cabinet and must likewise be liberated from daylight and intensity sources.

The paper pack and plastic zip-lock sack likewise fills in as security for the egg tart.

It shields it from microbial tainting that is found for the most part at room temperature.

Aside from that, it likewise goes about as a safeguard from dampness and air.

This can bring about oxidation, bringing about serious harm to its surface which makes it look wet or foul.

The other method for storing is refrigeration.

You have to follow the same process by wrapping properly and placing it in an airtight container and then you store it in the fridge.


Can You Freeze Egg Tarts?

Yes, you can freeze your egg tarts.

The reason why most people do not freeze it is based on the fact that it can get damaged during the thawing process.

Remember that these egg tarts are delicate and fragile, and any extreme temperature can ruin them, especially when directly exposed to them.

If stored properly, it can last up to three months in the freezer.

The following steps will enable you to store your egg tarts in the proper way.

Subsequent to baking them, they will in any case be exceptionally hot and should be permitted to cool at room temperature prior to storing in the freezer.

You should do all that could be within reach to guarantee that air and dampness don’t reach your egg tarts.

They are extremely delicate and can immediately turn out to be less flaky and flat.

You shouldn’t put them straightforwardly in the freezer since it likewise has a damp climate.

It should be painstakingly shrouded in a cling wrap and steadily wrapped firmly as conceivable without crushing the egg tart.

After effectively wrapping it, the subsequent stage is to put it in a hermetically sealed holder which fills in as an additional protection.

The last step is to store it in the freezer, and this assists with slowing down the development of microorganisms which is a result of the cool temperature.

Following the above cycle will help your egg tarts to endure as long as two to three months in great quality.

During the thawing process, remove it from the freezer and place it in the refrigerator and allow it to defrost.

After the defrosting process, reheat them in the oven for a few minutes.


How To Tell If Egg Tart Is Bad

Egg tarts are perishable snacks and they can easily go bad, especially when they are not stored properly or it has stayed for too long in the pantry, fridge, or freezer.

Since it is made with egg and milk, it smells bad and awful.

An offensive stinky odor indicates that it has gone bad and must be discarded immediately.

The texture of your egg tarts is supposed to be flaky and a little bit crispy.

A slimy or soggy texture also means that it has gone bad and consuming it can cause harm to you.


What Does Egg Tart Taste Like?

Egg tarts come in different varieties and taste uniquely delicious.

It has a flaky pastry surrounding, that is filled with smooth sweetened egg custard.

It is creamy, crispy, and very sweet.

This is a result of the kind of spiced flavor used in preparing it.

The taste may vary, due to the kind of ingredients added to it.

But if prepared well, you can be sure that the taste will be very delicious.



Egg tarts are smooth silky custard that contains a lot of ingredients and are surrounded by a flaky crust-like pastry.

They are very delicious and similar to mini custard pies.

The two major types of egg tarts are hong kong egg tarts and Portuguese egg tarts.

Whatever recipe you choose to follow, it will still look and taste sweet.

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