how to use cookie stamps

How To Use Cookie Stamps

Cookie Stamp is a specific kitchen tool that is used for adding designs and patterns to your cookie. This step is usually done before you bake the cookie. This tool has a handle and a stamping plate that is easily removable.

In order for the surface to be very beautiful, you just have to press the disk or plate on the dough.

Cookie stamps come in various styles or patterns they can be in the form of flowers, animals, words, or any other design of your choice.

How To Use Cookie Stamp?

Here are some easy steps that can help you use your stamp effectively.

  • Depending on the recipe you are using, your cookie dough must be properly mixed and ready.
  • On a clean surface, ensure that dust some amount of flour and then roll out your cookie dough. Make sure that it is not too thick or thin, it should be in between.
  • Your stamp must be ready, which means that you have to select the design of your choice and fix it on the handle. It is good to have a stamp with a removable handle so that you can easily change designs.
  • Ensure that the cookie stamp is very clean. Dip your stamp into the flour and remove any excess by tapping off. This process will ensure that the stamp will not stick to the dough after pressing and ensures that it releases quickly.
  • Mildly press your stamp on the dough and ensure that you apply a balanced pressure. Maintain a steady position and avoid twisting the stamp as it can lead to alteration of its design. A balanced pressure will leave a good imprint on your cookie.
  • After pressing, the next step is to release the stamp. Do not shake the handle or release it sideways. Lift the stamp up in a straight manner, so that it doesn’t alter the design. In the event that it sticks, apply a little amount of flour and gently try again.
  • After successfully removing the stamp, then it is now time to bake your cookie.

When you are done baking, you will see the beautiful imprinted design on your cookie.

How Do You Use Cookie Stamps On Fondant?

Using cookie stamps on cookie dough is different from using it on fondant.

  1. The first step is to roll your fondant to your desired taste with the aid of a rolling pin. Unlike cookie dough where you dust the surface with flour, in this case, you use sugar or cornstarch to prevent sticking.
  2. You have to ensure that the stamp is dry and clean. Then you attach the disk to its handle, after selecting the design you want.
  3. Mildly press your desired stamp on the fondant and avoid twisting the stamp sideways. Make sure that the stamp is fully pressed into it so that the design will be properly imprinted.
  4. After imprinting the stamp, release it carefully so that you don’t alter the design. If you find it difficult to remove, add some cornstarch or powdered sugar to the stamp and try again.
  5. Continue the same process for other fondants and this depends on how many you intend to make.


10 Best Cookie Stamps

Here are the 10b best cookie stamps that are readily available;

  1. Kaiser Love Cookie Cutter and Stamp Set
  2. Moon Cake Mold Press with Stamps Set
  3. Lurch Germany Sweet Wonderland Cookie Stamps
  4. House on the Hill Cookie Molds
  5. Nordic Ware Geo Cast Aluminum Stamps
  6. Fox Run Brands Classic Wooden Cookie Stamps
  7. Wilton Cookie Stamps
  8. OXO Good Grips Cookie Press with Disk Storage Case
  9. Brown Bag Celtic Shortbread Pan and Cookie Stamp
  10. Moon Cake Mold Press with Stamps Set.

How Do You Clean Cookie Stamps

When it comes to cleaning cookie stamps, it is very important that you check the manufacturer’s instructions regarding specific cleaning guidelines and recommendations.

  • If your cookie stamp is the removable type, it is important that you disassemble them accordingly to the manufacturer’s guidelines. This will ensure that you clean all parts of it.
  • It is good to employ the hand washing method. This involves washing and rinsing under running water. Doing this will help to remove any excess dough on your stamp.
  • The type of soap or detergent you use on the cookie stamp is very important. It is advisable to use mild soap and a good soft sponge. Do not use scrubbers that are very strong or abrasive.
  • Use a mild brush to remove those remaining particles and remember not to apply too much pressure.
  • After brushing and washing, you have to rinse properly under running water and then dry.

There are some cookie stamp that has more complicated designs and this can lead to some residues.

Use a clean towel to dry it properly before reassembling it.

How Do You Use Cookie Stamps Without Sticking?

First of all, you have to prepare the dough in a way that doesn’t stick to your stamp.

Ensure that it is not too soft, dry, or strong, that is why you must pay attention to its consistency.

Placing the dough in the refrigerator can also help to reduce its stickiness.

After you have properly mixed it, just place it in the fridge for about thirty minutes or less.

Another important thing is to dust your stamp with some flour or cocoa powder before stamping.

Dusting is a very important method that prevents your cookie stamp from sticking.

Apart from dusting your cookie stamp, it is good that you also dust the surface before rolling your dough.

You must avoid applying too much force to the dough while stamping.

When lifting the stamp, it must be done carefully.

Too much pressure or removing forcefully can alter the design of your cookie.



How To Use Silicone Cookie Stamps

After preparing your cookie dough, you have to ensure that it is firm and not sticky.

You must also preheat your oven so that you can be fully prepared.

Roll your dough on a clean surface that is properly floured as it helps prevent stickiness.

The dough should not be too thick or thin but should be moderate.

Just like any other stamp, silicone cookie stamps should be dusted properly with flour

Or cocoa powder as it assists in preventing the dough from sticking to your stamp.

Gently press on the dough without applying too much pressure and then lift your stamp carefully to avoid affecting the patterns.

How To Use Cookie Stamps On Royal Icing?

Here’s how to stamp on royal icing;

  1. After baking your cookies, allow them to properly cool down before adding the royal icing decorations. Your cookie must not be rough but smooth with a surface that is flat.
  2. You have to properly prepare the royal icing to your desired taste. Ensure that the consistency of the ice is balanced and firm.
  3. Begin by spreading the royal icing on the surface of your cookie in a layer that is thin. You can use the back of any spoon or spatula to spread it evenly.
  4. The next step is to place it in the refrigerator for some time as it helps the icing to properly set well and become moderately strong. This important process will help prevent damage to your cookie design.
  5. After removing it from the refrigerator, dust your stamp properly with powdered sugar or cornstarch so that it won’t stick to the icing.
  6. Carefully and firmly stamp your chilled icing and remember not to apply too much pressure. After imprinting your unique design on it, remove the stamp with care. You must also give it enough time to dry properly.

How To Use Nordic Ware Cookie Stamps

In order to perfectly use your Nordic ware cookie stamps,

You have to make sure that your cookie dough is fully ready and the oven is preheated.

Then you dust some flour or powdered sugar into the stamp so that it doesn’t stick to the dough.

The next step is to roll your dough properly to achieve the right consistency of your choice.

Remember that these steps must be done on a clean surface that is floured to avoid sticking.

It is now time to press your Nordic ware cookie stamp on the dough with moderate pressure and then remove it.

Doing this carefully will ensure that the design is not tampered.

What Is The Best Icing For Cookie Stamps?

One of the best icings for cookie stamps is royal icing.

This icing is well known because it is very smooth and it dries properly.

Even after it has been stamped, the position and shape of the icing will still remain intact.

The reason for this best quality is that they are made with lemon juice, powdered sugar, egg whites, meringue powder, and water.

In order to spice it up, you can add various colorings which can be thin or thick, depending on the desired consistency.



Cookie Stamps are very useful in creating unique designs for your cookie dough.

They come in various styles and patterns, which makes your baking a fun activity.

It is good that you store them properly and make sure that it is thoroughly washed and dried before storing them.

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