how long does a cast iron skillet last

How Long Does A Cast Iron Skillet Last?

A cast iron skillet is a unique kind of frying pan that is produced from cast iron. It is made with durable materials that are heat resistant, it also has the ability to distribute heat evenly.

They are designed in a way that makes them easy to handle. Cast iron skillets can be used for numerous activities like searing, baking, sauteing, and deep frying.

Even though it can last for a very long time, you must maintain it properly so that it doesn’t get rust.

So, how long does A Cast Iron Skillet last?
There is no specific time on how long your cast skillet will last. But one thing is sure, it will last for many years if stored properly.

Some of these skillets have lasted for many decades and even passed through generations.

If you want it to last for a very long time, you have to adhere to the following guidelines.

You have to regularly and properly season your cast iron skillet.

This process is done by applying a tiny amount of oil on the skillet surface which serves as a protective layer.

Practicing this method will ensure that it doesn’t stick and get rusted.


Should I Pull My Cast Iron After Every Use?

Pulling your cast iron after every use is not that important. It is even better to leave some oil on its surface to prevent rusting.

After cooking, do not soak them in water immediately, to avoid thermal shock.

Allow it to naturally cool down on its own before cleaning. Use a mild brush and hot water to wash properly.

Always remember to dry it well, so that moisture doesn’t build up.



How To Clean Cast Iron?

It is very easy to clean your cast iron, you just have to adhere to the following instructions below;

  1. Please do not wash them immediately after usage, since they will be too hot to handle. Allow it to cool down properly before cleaning, to avoid burning your skin.
  2. During cooking or frying, some food particles may remain stuck on the surface of the pan. At this point, you can use a rubber brush to gently remove it. Please do not use abrasive brushes, as this can damage your cast iron.
  3. In order to retain its seasoning, it is good that you use hot water to rinse. The use of harsh soaps and detergents must be strictly avoided.
  4. After you have gently scrubbed and rinsed it with hot water, ensure that you dry it properly with a clean dry towel.
  5. After drying, you can apply a little quantity of cooking oil on the surface of your cast iron. This will surely protect it from rusting.

Remember to store them in a cool dry environment with good airflow, so that it doesn’t get stuffy.

How Long Does Cast Iron Skillet Last On Stove?

Cast iron skillets are designed to withstand heat, so you don’t have a problem as to how long they will last.

Even though they can last for a very long time on the stove, it is good that you avoid doing things that can damage the skillet.

During cooking, avoid heating the stove quickly to extreme temperatures, as this can cause thermal shock.

You should gradually heat up the stove so that it doesn’t crack.

Do not immediately soak them in water after cooking, because it can also result in thermal shock.

During cleaning, do not use any material that can lead to scratching of your skillet surface.

Doing so will ensure that your cast iron skillet is suitable to last on any heated stove.

Can You Add Water To Cast Iron While Cooking?

It is not wrong to add water to cast iron while cooking, but you just have to be very careful about it.

Quickly pouring cold water into the skillet can result in thermal shock and this can lead to cracking.

It is best to pour water gradually so that it can slowly heat up.

You should also be cautious when adding water because it can create steam

Which can splash on your body, resulting in burns.

If there is oil already inside the skillet, then you have to make sure it doesn’t splatter on your body when pouring water.

Are Cast Iron Skillets Unsanitary?

Cast iron skillets are not unsanitary, they are clean cooking wares if properly taken care of.

Remember that the high heat from the skillet kills off bacteria, making your food safe for consumption.

Additionally, the seasoning of the little amount of oil on the surface of your makes it difficult for bacteria and other microorganisms to thrive.

As a clean individual, you have the responsibility to wash and clean your cast iron skillet.

This will ensure that it doesn’t get rusted due to moisture or filled with microbes.

A clean skillet is suitable and very safe to use, as it contains no unhygienic particles.


How Do You Tell If Cast Iron Is Bad?

It is very easy to tell if your cast iron is bad.

The first noticeable sign you will see is rusting of your skillet. You will see a discoloration that is reddish brown.

This is a result of moisture, especially when you don’t dry off the cast iron properly after rinsing.

It is not suitable to use this kind of skillet in cooking because it is highly unhygienic.

It is very important that you maintain your cast iron skillet by washing them regularly so that it doesn’t become unhygienic for use.

You will begin to notice rough surfaces on your skillet and this may include patches, cracks breaks,

Which can lead to uneven distribution of heat.

When you notice all these signs of damage on your cast iron, it is important that you get rid of it and purchase in new one.

Can You Use Soap On A Cast Iron Skillet?

It is not advisable to use soap on the cast iron skillet because it can tamper with its seasoning.

Remember that this seasoning acts as a protective layer on the surface of your cast iron so that it becomes nonsticky during cooking.

Even though it is best to use hot water and a soft brush in cleaning your cast iron skillet,

There are times when the services of mild soap are required.

If you find it difficult to remove some difficult particles of food that are stuck on the surface of your casting iron skillets,

Then you can use soap to get them off.

Ensure that you rinse properly so that there will be no traces of soap left on the skillet.

The use of mild soap should be occasionally not regularly,

Doing so will ensure that there will be no issue as regard safety consumption.

How Do You Keep Cast Iron Shiny?

The first step in keeping your cast iron shiny is by washing them with hot water and a gentle brush.

Abrasive scrubbers and harsh soap must not be used in washing your skillet.

Another important method that can make your cast iron shine is by seasoning it properly.

This is done by applying some amount of oil on the surface and handle, which is then heated in the oven and turned upside down.

At this high temperature, the oil is polymerized and this gives it the ability to act as a protective layer and shine at the same time.

This important step must be done periodically so that your cast iron doesn’t lose its shine.

It is very important that you avoid using your cast iron for regularly cooking dishes with highly acidic properties.

This can highly damage it and even dull its shine. It should only be used occasionally for acidic foods.

You can get another cooking pot for that specific activity.



Cast iron skillets can last for a very long time if stored and maintained properly.

This includes washing, rinsing, drying, seasoning, and storing in an appropriate place to avoid rusting.

They are very easy to use and can be used in different cooking activities.

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