do hotels have microwave

Do Hotels Have Microwave?

A microwave is a cooking device or a cooking utensil that can be used for different purposes as it can serve as an oven. But its main use is to warm foods or meals conveniently if used properly. The heat used in a microwave is gotten through electromagnetic radiation.

Microwaves can either be the regular type or the oven type and the difference between these two is that the oven microwave consumes more energy and it also takes a longer cooking time while the regular microwave consumes less energy and takes a shorter cooking time. But the oven microwave is better than the regular microwave when it comes to baking and roasting.

So, do Hotels have Microwave?
Microwave has a lot of advantages but they are not part of a hotel room for some reasons.

One of the reasons why hotels lack a microwave is that customers of the hotel might abuse them

In that, they may use the microwave to prepare their own meals and in turn, they would not order food

Thereby reducing the profit of the hotel also they might want to reheat their food

And end up disliking the results and might thrash the food this creates lots of waste for the hotel which is not good.


Can I Ask For A Microwave At A Hotel?

Yes, you can ask for a microwave at the hotel for reheating your food.

Even though they may not be available in each hotel room due to various reasons, you can still get one.

When checking in, you can request that one of the microwaves be taken to your hotel room.

If it is not possible to do so, then they can direct you to areas in the hotel where microwaves are located.

For example, the guest kitchen or microwave station are areas that you can make good use of it.

Another useful tip is to call them in advance and tell them your needs so that your stay will be very comfortable.




What Do You Do If Your Hotel Room Doesn’t Have A Microwave

It is always frustrating when we don’t find some items in our hotel room.

An example of some items we might not see in our hotel is the microwave and this can be very annoying mostly when we are craving homemade food.

But do not be disappointed because there are other alternatives to microwaves.

Some common items in the hotel room can serve as a great substitute.

A coffee maker is a great alternative to a microwave, you can use the pot to boil,

You can use the plate to grill and the top basket as a steamer.

There are many food that can be cooked in the coffee maker and they include fish, ramen, egg, vegetables, and many others.

How Do Hotels Reheat Food Without The Microwave?

There are different methods that can be used to reheat food without the use of a microwave and they include

1. Convection oven:

In the event that a microwave is not available, hotels can employ the use of a convection oven.

This method ensures that your food is properly heated as hot air is circulated evenly.

You just have to place them in an oven container or baking sheets and heat them thoroughly for a specific period of time.

2. Steamers:

These commercial steamers can properly heat your food and still preserve the moisture so that it doesn’t dry out.

They are very effective for reheating rice, vegetables, and other forms of protein.

3. Bain Marie:

This method is known as a double boiler or hot water bath.

After placing the food item in a container, you submerge it in the hot water partially.

The indirect heat produced by the hot water will ensure that your food does not undergo extreme temperatures.

4. Stovetops:

The use of stovetops is very common especially when microwave is not available.

One of the major advantages of this method is that it can be used to reheat various food items.

It gives you an advantage to control the heat, either low, medium, or high.




Can You Bring A Microwave To A Hotel?

It is important to note that all hotels have rules and regulations that guide how they operate.

Most hotels will not accept you bringing a microwave to their place.

Bringing appliances like microwaves can pose a threat to other hotel guests.

Before taking any decision as to whether to bring a microwave or not, it is best to contact the hotel beforehand.

If they agree that you bring your personal microwave,

Then that is cool. But generally, hotels around the world won’t accept bringing a microwave inside the room.

It is also very important that you inquire from the hotel if they will be able to provide a microwave during your stay.

Most of these microwaves are located in the guest kitchen and microwave station.

How Do You Reheat Food In A Hotel Room?

Here are the best ways of reheating food in a hotel;

  • One of the best ways of reheating food is by getting the attention of the hotel staff. Inform them that you need a reheating appliance for your food. Doing so will hasten the process and the availability of the appliance which could be a microwave.
  • You can also use the hotel room kettle or coffee maker to reheat your food. This method works very well on food that is pre-packaged, stews, and soups. After boiling the water in the kettle, you can place the food in a container that is heat resistant and submerge it in the water. Ensure that the container is not leaking and after a few minutes, bring it out.
  • A portable food warmer can be of help in times like this. They are specifically designed for this purpose and usually comes with an electric outlet. Before reheating, follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding reheating so that you know what you are doing. Additionally, an electric kettle can also be used in a hotel room for reheating.
  • Microwaves are very common in most hotels’ guest kitchens and microwave stations. They are very easy and quick to use, especially when compared to other reheating appliances. You just have to place your food in the microwave container or safe dish and cover properly with the lid. Switch it on and remember to set the timing and heating level.


Is It Okay To Bring Food Into A Hotel Room?

It is very okay to bring food into a hotel room. It is not a wrong thing to do as many hotels allow their guest to bring food.

However, there are some hotels that have strict rules and regulations regarding outside food.

The major reason for this policy is to encourage the guest to eat the food and other items provided by the hotel.

That is why it is very important for you to go through the hotel’s policy to see

If there are any restrictions regarding food that is brought from outside.

If you are allowed to bring outside food,

Then you must ensure that you choose food that is not messy or have a strong odor or create stains.

After eating, ensure you clean the environment well and dispose of it neatly and properly.





Microwaves are very easy to use especially when it comes to reheating your food.

They are available in most hotel guest kitchens or microwave stations.

Another reason why hotels do not have microwaves is that microwaves are not safe

As they expose the hotel customers to a lot of heat

So, in order to care for the well-being of their guests they avoid putting a microwave wave in the hotel.

Hotels do not have a microwave in each guest room

This is because not every customer demands a microwave so it would be a total waste of resources, money, and space.

Also, hotels are not obligated to place a microwave in each guest room it is their personal choice to do so or not.

Due to hotel policies and rules, you are to bring your personal microwave to the room.

Microwaves are not the only appliances used for reheating, you can use other alternatives provided by the hotel.

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