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How Long Does Nduja Last?

How long does nduja last? Nduja is a special kind of sausage that is made from pork meat.

It is very delicious and spreadable, which means that you can use them on sliced crispy bread, crackers, pizza, toast, pasta sauces, and ripe cheese.

The preparation method is so detailed, resulting in a unique fiery taste.

They are very healthy to consume because it is a good source of vitamin B, selenium, and protein.

So, how long does nduja last after opening?

Nduja can last for some months at room temperature.

This is a result of its fatty content which serves as a protective layer.

But it can not last for long, that is why it is better to store it in the refrigerator.

Once opened, it can last up to four months in good quality when placed in the fridge.

Nduja must be stored in a very cool dry environment, which can be in the pantry, cupboard, or refrigerator.

Before you store it, ensure that it is placed in an airtight sealed container, resealable plastic bag, or jar.

The ultimate goal is to make sure that air and moisture don’t get inside the container.

Regular exposure to air can ruin the flavor and quality, which results in spoilage.


How Long Does Nduja Last In The Fridge?

In an unopened state, nduja can last up to one year in the fridge.

But when you have opened it already, it will stay up to four months.

It is wrong to expose your nduja to air after using it.

There is no issue if it has not been opened at all because there is no room for bacteria activities or oxidation.

The first thing to do once opened is to transfer it to an airtight container.

Factors like temperature, oxygen, and light must be avoided so that they can last longer.

Refrigeration also helps to slow down the growth of microorganisms and also the rate at which it oxidizes.

Quickly take the quantity you need and cover it properly.

Also, remember to place it in the coolest part of the fridge.


How Long Does Nduja Paste Last?

Nduja Paste can last for about two months at room temperature.

This is because of its greasy substance which fills in as a defensive layer.

Yet, it can not keep going for a really long time, to that end putting it away in the refrigerator is better.

Once opened, it can endure as long as four months in great quality when set in the cooler.

Nduja should be placed in an extremely cool dry climate, which can be in the storage space, pantry, or fridge.

Before you store it, guarantee that it is set in an impermeable fixed holder, resealable plastic pack, or container.

A definitive objective is to ensure that air and dampness don’t get inside the holder.

Normal openness to air can demolish the flavor and quality, which brings about waste.

If you have not opened your nduja paste, it will stay up to twelve months in the refrigerator.

When storing at room temperature, ensure that the environment is free from sunlight, and heat sources in order to avoid ruining its quality.


How Do Italians Eat Nduja?

Nduja can be eaten in so many ways.

The Italians like to eat it with specialized onion or tuna pizza.

It serves as toppings on pizzas which gives them a spicy and sweet taste.

They also eat it with toasted bread, by spreading it.

This gives it a yummy sweet taste and serves as a delicious appetizer.

It can be served with red sauce, which helps to add more spice and flavor to the sauce.

Beans and pasta are another way that the Italians use to enjoy their nduja, and It is usually combined with a glass of Calabrian red wine.

Eggs in Purgatorio is another traditional Italian dish that can also be eaten with nduja.

This meal is made with eggs poached in tomato sauce, and mixing nduja gives it a unique flavor.


Is Nduja Same As Chorizo?

Nduja is similar to chorizo in some ways. For example, they are both gotten from pork meat.

They both undergo the traditional fermentation process, with almost the same color.

Since they are preserved spicy pork products, they taste similar in flavor and spiciness.

Even though they are both spreadable, nduja is softer in texture when compared to chorizo.

This is Because of their similarities, they can be substituted on different occasions.


Can You Freeze Nduja Paste?

Yes, you can freeze it but you need to be very careful.

Freezing can damage the texture and quality if not done properly.

In order to freeze successfully, you need to adhere to the following steps.

The main goal is to ensure that air doesn’t come in contact with your nduja.

First of all, place it in a clean plastic wrap, and wrap it tightly.

Secondly, take your plastic wrap and place it on a foil.

This additional layer will help protect it from oxidation.

Finally, you then put it in the freezer.

Another good option is using a vacuum sealer because it is very effective in removing air.

If you cook your nduja in a pasta sauce, it will be much better to freeze it because you won’t be able to notice any textural change, since it is hidden in your sauce.

Properly seal them up, so that there will be no leakage and freeze.


How Long Does Nduja Take To Cook?

You don’t need to cook nduja before you eat it.

They only undergo a fermentation process and are sometimes smoked.

It can not be cooked, but it can be used in cooking other foods.

It can be cooked with scrambled eggs, Omelettes, pasta, potato frittata, savory muffin mix, stews, and soups of any kind.

They are used on different meals because it adds quality taste and flavor to them.


Can You Eat Nduja From The Jar?

It is safe to eat it from the jar and you don’t need to cook it.

It has a soft yummy texture that can easily melt into any food when subjected to heat.

In fact, it goes with almost anything. It is a unique ingredient that can enhance the flavor of any food.

If there are going to be some leftovers after eating from the jar, you must make sure you store them well to avoid contamination.

Use clean a spoon, when scooping out from the jar, so that you don’t transfer bacteria inside it.

After you have finished eating, cover immediately and tightly to avoid oxidation from taking place.


10 Best Substitutes For Nduja

Without a doubt, nduja is sweet pork sausages.

Here are the best alternatives for nduja. They are;

  1. Soppressata
  2. Lamb sausage
  3. Chorizo sausage
  4. Sobrassada
  5. Pepperoni
  6. Kielbasa smoked sausage
  7. Longaniza cooked sausage
  8. Kurobuta pork sausage
  9. Butifarra sausage
  10. Andouille smoked sausage

These are good alternatives for nduja.


How Long Does Nduja Last In The Freezer?

Nduja can last up to one month in the freezer.

The longer you freeze, the higher the risk of damaging its quality and flavor.

It is better to refrigerate it than freezing. Unfortunately, nduja does not freeze well, because it naturally contains moisture which is needed for it to be spreadable.

The main issue is that air can easily get inside, which can result in freezer burns and oxidation.

This can simultaneously degrade both the flavor and texture.

It can fairly freeze well if you make sure that no air gets inside it.

A vacuum sealer can be used to make it possible.

There is no point in storing it in the freezer because it has almost the same shelf life as the fridge.

If you must store it in the freezer, it should be for a short period of time so that it doesn’t get ruined.


How Can You Tell If Nduja Is Bad?

One of the major signs that indicate bad nduja is its spreading ability.

Fresh nduja is spreadable because of its high fat and Moist content.

When it is no longer soft, yummy, and spreadable, it means that it has gone bad.

Another sign is when you notice a rancid bad odor.

It should normally have a salami-style smell, which is usually spicy and meaty.

Any unpleasant smell or odor should be discarded.

Also, watch out for discoloration. A healthy nduja is bright red in color, you must dispose of it immediately when you see a darkish brown color.


How Do You Store Nduja?

You can store it in a pantry that is cool and dry, also make sure that there is no form of heat sources around your nduja.

Only store at room temperature when it is not yet opened.

It is preferably placed in the fridge, for it to last longer.

Store them in an airtight container, or use a vacuum sealer if available.

The cool temperature of the fridge will help to slow down microbial growth, while the airtight container will prevent oxidation from taking place.

Freezing is another good option for storage, but it is not that common.



Nduja is a dried or fermented salami made from pork meat.

They are very delicious and can also be served in a variety of dishes.

It is well known for its unique flavorings and taste.

You must make sure that it is stored properly so that it doesn’t get spoilt.

Apart from the spicy taste, it also contains essential nutrients that are good for the body.

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