how long does fresh celery juice last

How Long Does Fresh Celery Juice Last?

How long does fresh celery juice last? Celery juice is a special kind of juice produced mainly from fresh celery stalks.

It contains low sugar and other essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and potassium.

It also has a lot of benefits like hydrating your body, reducing inflammation, improving brain function and so many others.

Proper storage is important so that it can retain its salty taste and freshness.

So, how long does celery juice last in the fridge?

Celery juice can last up to three days in the fridge.

It must be stored in an airtight container before refrigerating.

The shelf life of your fresh celery juice is not long.

Even if it is store-bought juice, the shelf life is still short. So it must be consumed within the time frame.

If you are not going to refrigerate it, ensure that you drink it that very day.

No matter the kind of container you are using, make sure that it is properly covered.

It is important that the container is properly sealed to prevent microbial contamination and also the oxidation process.

Oxidation is very dangerous to your juice because it hastens the loss of texture, color, and flavor by incorporating oxygen.

This process will drastically reduce its shelf life, causing it to go bad.

Adding little drops of lime or lemon juice can help slow down the oxidation process.

Mixing a little quantity of citrus juice will also help improve the taste, making it more palatable.

Following these procedures and placing them in the fridge will help prolong their quality.


How Long Does Celery Juice Last In Mason Jar?

How long your celery juice will last in a mason jar largely depends on where it is stored.

If it is stored at room temperature, then it means that it is going to last for about twenty-four hours.

It will last two to three days in the refrigerator when stored properly.

Storing them in the freezer will make them last up to six months.

No matter where you decide to store it, you must ensure that it is properly covered.

The advantage of using a mason jar is that it has a wider rim and a screw thread on the outer perimeter which gives it a better sealing advantage when compared to other containers.

It gives room for a band or metal ring and it is very durable because it can resist cracks under high pressure.

Do not keep your celery juice in an environment that is very hot or close to areas that are producing heat.


Higher temperatures can cause your juice to spoil immediately.

It is very important that you use a jar that is not too big.

Using large jars for a small quantity of juice can create room for oxygen and this can lead to oxidation.

You must use the appropriate size jar so that the quality will not deteriorate quickly.


How Long Does Celery Juice Last In The Freezer?

Celery juice can last up to six months in the freezer.

Freezing of your juice is only done for long-term purposes.

If you won’t be consuming it for the next two to three days, then it is best to store it in the freezer.

You must note that the nutritional value of your juice will not remain the same after freezing and thawing.

So drinking it fresh is always the best option.

But if you have decided to store the leftovers, here is what you must do in order to successfully freeze it.

The first step is to pour the juice into an ice cube tray and put the tray in the freezer.

When it has gotten to a frozen state, you must bring it out and transfer it to a zip-top bag in order to save space.

Freezing in cube sizes is very helpful because you can now defrost as many as you want for the desired quantity of juice.

Secondly, smaller sizes of cube thaw faster than big containers. Thawing your celery juice is very easy, remove them from the freezer and place it in the fridge.

It could take hours to fully defrost, and this depends on the size of the cubes.

To hasten the process, you can put the juice cubes in an airtight zip-top bag and submerge it in running water.

This will help it to defrost faster.


How Long Does Suja Celery Juice Last?

Suja Celery Juice can last up to thirty days in the refrigerator.

Unlike other types of juice, Suja uses a process known as high-pressure Pascalization which uses pressure to sustain or preserve the juice rather than using the heating method.

This is a very big advantage especially when you can’t make your juice daily.

It is important to note that Suja juice is also cold-pressed.

But they are different from other juice because they last longer due to the pressure used.

Cold-pressed juice is better than a centrifugal juicer because it prevents oxidation from taking place and helps retain the nutrient and enzymes so that you can fully enjoy every bit of it.

The Pascalization method is an external process and the high pressure is evenly distributed around the package to kill off any microbial invader.

This method is the main reason why it last longer in the fridge.


How Long Does Cold Pressed Celery Juice Last?

Cold-pressed celery juice can last up to three to five days in the fridge.

These kinds of juice are produced with the use of a hydraulic press, which helps to fully extract the juice or liquid from the fruit.

This process is totally natural and contains no preservatives.

The advantage of cold-pressed juice is that, it doesn’t go through a pasteurization process which kills essential nutrients because of the use of high heat.

It retains its flavor, freshness, and quality. Remember that they are hundred percent organic, which means that they can degrade quickly.

It should be refrigerated at thirty-eight degrees or below, in order to extend its shelf life.

You can also decide to freeze it, but note that the taste and nutritive value will drastically reduce.


How To Make Celery Juice Last Longer

In order for your celery juice to last longer, you must store it properly.

Storing at room temperature for a long time is not advisable because of aerobic microorganisms and oxidation.

You can store it in the freezer and leave it for six months.

Placing it in an airtight freezer bag will limit the oxidation process and also help to retain its taste.

But when it has stayed for too long the quality might start degrading.

If you really want to gain its nutritional value, you must watch out for the timing.

You can also store it in the fridge, with the addition of lime juice to prolong its shelf life.

But the freezing process also last longer than the refrigeration method.


15 Best Substitutes For Celery Juice

Celery juice is filled with fiber, minerals, and vitamins which makes it suitable for health improvement.

Here are the 15 best substitutes for celery juice. They are;

  1. Cucumber juice
  2. Carrot juice
  3. Beetroot juice
  4. Cabbage juice
  5. Bitter Gourd juice
  6. Aloe Vera juice
  7. Wheat grass juice
  8. Gooseberry juice
  9. Watermelon juice
  10. Cranberry juice
  11. Lemon juice
  12. Apple ginger slimming drink
  13. Spinach and apple juice
  14. Pomegranate and Litchi juice
  15. Orange juice.


How To Tell If Celery Juice Is Bad

Generally, celery juice does not have a long shelf life.

It must be consumed within a short period of time in order to fully benefit from it.

There are some signs that can help you identify bad juice. One of these signs is an off-putting smell.

Give it a good sniff test, a bad sour smell indicates spoilage.

Another noticeable sign is the color change.

Fresh celery juice is bright green in color, different color means that it has gone bad and must be discarded immediately.

If you notice the development of molds in your juice, it shows that it has stayed for too long and should be thrown away.

Lastly, try and taste or sip a little portion of it, if it tastes normal, then you can continue drinking.

But an unpleasant taste should be avoided at all costs.


What Does Celery Juice Taste Like?

Celery juice is not completely sweet in taste.

It has this grassy, bland, and slightly salty taste.

Some even conclude that it has a bitter taste, because most times, it is served without a sweetener.

During preparation, pineapple chunks, lemon, green apple, and ginger are usually added to it.

This will help greatly, by adding flavor to it.

Using lime or lemon helps to balance the celery taste by giving it a little tart flavor.



Celery juice is a healthy natural drink that helps build your immune system and also fights the risk of cancer due to its numerous antioxidant properties.

However, it should be consumed moderately, as it can cause skin rashes to those allergic to it.

It has a short shelf life, which means it must be consumed within a specific time frame in order to get all the essential nutrients.

Storage procedures must be taken seriously so that they can last longer.

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