How Long Does Pasteurized Milk Last?

How Long Does Pasteurized Milk Last?

Pasteurized milk is dairy milk that has been heated to a sixty-three degrees Celsius for thirty-five minutes, it requires this temperature and time to kill pathogens such as; Campylobacter, and Listeria.

Pasteurization reduces milk’s nutritional value a little, this gives raw milk superior nutritional and health benefits.

This is because it contains more pro-biotic nutrients and enzymes, which benefit the immune system and gastrointestinal tract.

Pasteurization is not an assurance that the milk is safe out of the refrigerator but it kills bacteria, prolongs the shelf life, and saves lives.

So, how long does pasteurized milk last?

Unopened, Pasteurized milk lasts in the fridge for 1 to 2 years before going bad if you store it properly in the right conditions necessary in the refrigerator.

Though at room temperature if it is unopened pasteurized milk lasts for up to four hours beyond that bacteria grows rapidly.

The pasteurized milk must be refrigerated to prevent spoilage and food-borne diseases.

This is because pasteurization does not sterilize milk but only kills spoilage microbes.

Pasteurization is generally used to make products safe today by increasing the shelf life and reducing spoilage.

If pasteurized milk is stored in a cool and dry place unrefrigerated

And under a low light supply, it lasts for about six to nine months.

It is a priority to be mindful of the best before the date for freshness.

How Long Does Pasteurized Milk Last After Opening?

After opening pasteurized milk at room temperature it should be treated like raw milk.

Homemade pasteurized milk keeps the best quality and it lasts in the refrigerator for at most 10 days. Store-bought stays four months after its production date it does not last for more than two hours at room temperature.

Its life span is directly proportional to the temperature,

As it lasts for four hours at eighty degrees,

Below forty degrees which is the refrigerator temperature, it lasts for about a week.

But it’s preferable to consume it as soon as possible after opening it for maximum utility.

Above thirty degrees Celsius, its shelf life is shortened due to the germination

And the growth of Thermopylae spores that form bacteria and aid its rapid growth.

Also, thermostable enzymes act rapidly and heat precipitation denatures casein molecules in the spoilage process.



How Long Does Ultra-Pasteurized Milk Last?

Ultra-pasteurized milk is milk that is heated for a shorter period of time of about five seconds but at a higher temperature than pasteurized milk.

It is also called Ultra-high temperature milk.

At room temperature if it lasts for six months at room temperature and cool conditions,

But up to five years unopened in the refrigerator.

Once it’s opened it lasts for twelve days for the best quality and taste.

Thus, after opening, Ultra-Pasteurized milk should be kept well refrigerated at below thirty-five

And consumed within seven to ten days for best quality and taste. Ultra-high temperature (UHT) milk.

Ultra-pasteurized milk extends the shelf life of I’ll

And keeps it fresh for longer, it losses about 20% less folate, riboflavin, vitamin A, vitamin B12, vitamin C, and thiamine

Due to the extreme temperature.


How Long Does Pasteurized Goat Milk Last?

Pasteurized goat milk lasts if it is sealed and shelf-stable for a few hours at room temperature, over two weeks in the fridge, and about six months in the freezer.

It’s can last for over twenty years if it is properly freeze-dried and stored.

It is preferable to sterilize and stored it in glass jars before it is refrigerated

Or frozen properly in cartons or plastic containers to observe changes.

Pasteurized goat milk can be converted to butter, cheese, yogurt, and so on.

To store it in the freezer it should be kept in the bottom compartment to freeze it to be solid and prevent air from getting to it.

Little space should be left in the air-tight containers

Or air-tight bags because of the swelling ability of milk.


Can You Freeze Pasteurized Milk?

You can freeze pasteurized milk for six months but best eaten fresh within three months. To freeze, it should not be stored in a glass bottle but in a carton with extra space, so it will swell comfortably.

If grains appear due to the appearance of curdling, they can be blended to make them smooth and edible.

Though it is not always a successful method as it might be too acidic.

It’s safer to store it in freezer-safe air-tight containers or bags.

To thaw it, it should be left in the fridge overnight to prevent spoilage due to bacteria growth.


How Long Does Pasteurized Milk Last In The Freezer?

In the freezer, pasteurized milk lasts for 5 years unopened, but zero degrees Fahrenheit keeps it indefinitely edible, with a probable side effect of milk curdle.

This is due to the rapid acidity of the milk.


How Long Does Pasteurized Milk Last After Expiration Date?

After expiration pasteurized milk generally lasts for an average of a week past its best by date unopened.

The basic rule is that in the refrigerator, whole milk lasts five to seven days,

Reduced-fat and skim milk lasts for seven days,

And non-fat and lactose-free milk lasts seven to ten days past its best date.


Does Pasteurized Milk Go Bad?

Yes, pasteurized milk goes bad because pasteurization only kills biomes and doesn’t sterilize milk as it only extends the shelf life of the milk.

Apart from sterilized milk, all other treated kinds of milk go bad including pasteurized milk.

It is advised to keep it in the refrigerator for as long as possible.

At room temperature, it spoils at a fast rate due to the rapid bacteria growth

Above forty degrees Fahrenheit which is the refrigerator temperature.

Though once opened it is prone to go bad quickly and be consumed as quickly as possible for maximum utility

Though it has an extra shelf life of a week in the refrigerator opened.


How To Tell If Pasteurized Milk Is Bad

It is very easy to tell if pasteurized milk is bad due to the off smell and look.

If it goes bad, it will be noticeably yellowish in color at first,

Then its texture becomes slimy and contains lumps.

It might also be sour if it stays in the freezer for too long and curdles

By separating the milk grains from water to spoil with little chance of survival.

It spoils rapidly if left at room temperature and lasts about two weeks in the refrigerator.


How Long Does Unpasteurized Milk Last?

Unpasteurized milk contains dangerous bacteria such as Salmonella, E. coli, Listeria, Campylobacter,

And food poisoning-related diseases which is why it is advisable and compulsory in some countries

By authorities to consume only pasteurized or ultra-pasteurized milk.

Unpasteurized milk can last in the freezer or refrigerator for at most three days. When it freezes well, it lasts longer due to thawing preservation by boiling to last for up to two months.


How Long Does Pasteurized Orange Juice Last?

Pasteurized orange juice is orange juice that has been processed with heat

To ensure that bacteria like Salmonella or E. Coli are destroyed to prolong the shelf life.

Unopened, it keeps for two years in the refrigerator but opened it keeps for at most two weeks in the fridge.


How Long Does Pasteurized Apple Cider Last?

Pasteurized Apple Cider lasts up to 12 months in the freezer, 2 weeks in the fridge, and 3 hours at room temperature.

It doesn’t go bad after extreme storage but turns acidic and till it’s too acidic and unsafe for consumption.


How Do You Preserve Pasteurized Milk?

Pasteurized milk lasts for six months if properly stored in the freezer and properly stored in a carton with extra space for swelling.

It lasts for three months in the refrigerator and a month at room temperature.



Pasteurized milk is milk that is heated for a period of time to destroy the bacteria causing diseases.

It has to undergo thermal processing to extend the shelf life so it won’t readily spoil or cause food-borne diseases.

It lasts for six months in the freezer and can be properly stored in cartons

Or plastic containers with extra space for swelling.

It lasts for three months in the refrigerator if it’s unopened and a month at room temperature.

Remember, how long does pasteurized milk last?


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