How Long Does Domino's Pizza Last

How Long Does Domino’s Pizza Last?

How long does Domino’s pizza last? Pizza is an Italian flat-rounded baked dough topped with cheese, vegetables, fish, or meat.

It’s one of the most popular consumed dishes in the world.

Domino’s Pizza is very delicious and more stretchy cause it uses a higher gluten content bread-based dough for its crust, unlike most of their rival who uses a traditional dough with lower gluten.

And this may interest you to know the answer to your puzzling question ” how long does Domino’s pizza last in the fridge”

Domino’s Pizza can be kept in the fridge for four days at a temperature lower than 40 degrees Fahrenheit. If properly stored it can last up to five days before going bad or changing its taste and texture.

In this post, I’ll take you around to all the crooks and corners of the shelf life and amazing storage hacks of this delicious pizza

Starting from how long does domino’s pizza last in the freezer, pantry, and at room temperature? How to store it to make it last longer and how to tell if it is bad.

Read up and don’t forget to ask your questions when necessary.


Can You Freeze Domino’s Pizza?

Yes, you can freeze Domino’s pizza very well. When frozen damages aren’t done to the flavor or texture of the pizza except if kept frozen for too long.

You can freeze it for a very long time only if properly and tightly warped in plastic foil or stored in an airtight container.

But this can change the delicious taste of your pizza not to be as fresh as it was when first purchased or made.

To freeze your dominos pizza, allow it to completely cool down then wrap tightly a Plastic foil,

Use aluminum foil as an additional protective layer, and place the wrapped pieces into a freezer-safe container.

I will advise you to date the containers so as to know how long the Pizza stays in the freezer.




How Long Does Domino’s Pizza Last In The Freezer?

Domino’s pizza when well frozen can last 2 to 3 months. It shouldn’t be kept in the freezer for more than three months, this is because its taste and quality start degrading if left for too long.

Storebought frozen pizzas last up to a year in the freezer,

This is because these pizzas are commercially flash-frozen and designed to have a longer shelf life.


How Long Does Pizza Last At Room Temperature?

At room temperature bacteria grows more and multiply faster in our food.

These bacterias cause foodborne diseases.

Domino’s Pizza can only last for 4 to 6 hours when left unrefrigerated.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), If left out without being refrigerated for more than two hours the pizza should be disposed of.



How Long Does Pizza Hut Last In The Fridge?

Pizza Hut is a restaurant that makes pan-fried Pizzas with a softer and more delicious taste.

It has one of the best delivery speeds.

Same with domino’s pizza, the pizza hut last for 4 days in the fridge before going bad if you store it properly in the right conditions necessary in the refrigerator.

The difference between Domino’s pizza and Pizza Hut is the size of the pizza delivered.

Domino’s makes approximately 13.5 inches size pizza while Pizza Hut is up to 14 inches.

Another difference is that pizza hut fries their pizza while dominos bake theirs.

In the food industry, both Domino’s and Pizza Hut are becoming of the biggest rivalries.


How To Tell If Domino’s Pizza Is Bad

Sadly like any other food, our yummy and delicious pizza eventually goes bad. Wondering why?

Temperature and bad storage contribute to spoilage.

Here’s how to tell if your pizza is bad;

  • First, check the texture. When going bad, Pizzas tend to have a hard and stale texture, it might still be safe to consume but not too tasty.
  • The presence of rancid odor and mold are signs of a spoiled pizza.
  • Other signs to tell if your pizza has gone bad are awful taste,
  • It might still be looking fresh with no odor but taking a bit it has a terrible taste. This means the pizza is probably spoiling, your taste bud can’t be deceiving you.
  • When the pizza becomes Slimy or gooey-looking that is a sign showing that it should go to the waste bin.
  • Freezer Burns makes the pizza darker and untasteful when thawed.

Following the standard guidelines for both veggies (meat is not the only food that causes foodborne diseases) and non-veggies pizza,

It says that once the pizza has been on the counter overnight, it shouldn’t be kept.


How Long Does Anchovy Pizza Last?

Anchovy pizza is one of the most popular Italian pizzas topped with small and salty fishes known as anchovies.

It has simple ingredients but it is crispy with an incredible flavor.

Unlike domino’s and pizza hut, anchovy pizza only last for 2 days in the fridge but can last a bit longer if you freeze it well.


Can You Eat 3 Day Old Pizza Not Refrigerated?

No, if your pizza has been out in the open for more than 6 hours it is not safe to eat talk more of being left unrefrigerated for more than a day.

If you don’t refrigerate it for three days, it may cause food-borne diseases that may not be noticeable immediately.

The symptoms will surely take their effects as time goes on.

When consumed excessively, pizza becomes harmful to our health.

This is because most pizzas are high in calories, sugar artificial preservatives, sodium, and unhealthy fats.

The highly saturated fat increases your risk for high cholesterol and heart disease.


Can You Eat 5 Day Old Pizza Refrigerated?

Cooked food including pizza is safe to eat if kept in the refrigerator for not more than five days. All you have to do is re-heat the pizza and serve.

Note: If it can’t be consumed within five days maximum it should be thrown out or freeze well.

After the fifth day, they could start to develop bacteria and show signs of spoilage.


How To Preserve Domino’s Pizza

Here are some steps on how to store your freshly prepared Domino’s pizza to make it last longer;

  1. Spread paper towels on your container that’s wide enough to contain one or two slices of pizza.
  2. Allow the Pizza to cool down before you can place it in the lineup containers.
  3. Add another paper towel before placing the pizza.
  4. Alternate paper towels and pizzas till the container is filled up.
  5. Put the container lid and properly cover it.
  6. To keep the pizza fresher by preventing air from penetrating, wrap the container with plastic foil.
  7. Keep in the refrigerator if it is to be consumed within five days, if it’s to be stored for a longer period freeze and keep in the freezer to keep it fresh for up to 3 months.

The process might look time-consuming but with this, you can get a preserved dominos pizza that will be much more comparable to how it was before preservation.

When preserving do not put the box of pizza straight into the refrigerator, doing so will make the toppings moisture soak into the pizza crust thereby making it soggy.

When reheating it might be tempting to put the box in the oven but this isn’t advisable,

Not only can it lead to fire hazards it will make your pizza taste like cardboard which isn’t pleasant because of the harmful chemicals and dye used in producing the box.

How To Reheat 

For best results, when ready for use, bring the pizza out from the freezer and allow it to defrost completely before reheating.

  • You can re-heat domino’s pizza using an oven, toaster, or microwave or you can make use of a frying pan.
  • Pick out soggy-looking toppings from your pizza before reheating it.
  • To avoid a soggy crust, place a microwave-safe glass of water in the microwave along with the domino’s pizza.

The water helps the pizza heat evenly cause the water has helped absorb some of the microwaves.



It is clear that well-stored pizza can last for months without losing taste and texture.

You are wondering why frozen pizza lasts longer even up to a year when kept in your freezer?

It is because these pizzas are commercially flash-frozen and designed to have a longer shelf life.

And that’s why you need to read carefully to know how to preserve your homemade desserts.

The shelf life of this snack is important to us and that’s the reason for the question ” how long does domino’s pizza last ”

Pizza contains a mixture of beneficial nutrients such as protein, fats, carbohydrates, and calcium( the presence of Cheese in the pizza is a good source of calcium, which helps your body to maintain strong bones).

Grain sometimes is one of the primary ingredients in the crust.

The best topping in pizza is fresh vegetables because they contain minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants, which are of great health benefits.

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