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How Long Does Bouillon Powder Last?

How long does bouillon powder last? Bouillon powder is a powder that is made from a meat stock or broth and dehydrated vegetables.

It is also mixed with some seasonings, salt, a little portion of fat, and sodium glutamate which helps to enhance the taste and flavor.

It is available in different forms like cube, powdered, paste, and liquid.

They are very popular because of the delicious taste it adds to your food.

So, how long does bouillon powder last?

Bouillon powder can last up to two years when stored properly.

It should be stored in a cool dry place. The reason why it has a long shelf life is because of its dehydrated form.

Remember that it is made from dehydrated vegetables and meat.

This means that it lacks water due to the dehydrating process that removes almost ninety-five to ninety-seven percent of moisture which gives no room for microbial activities.

The salt content also serves as a preservative, this help to retain its quality for a long time and also makes it unconducive for bacteria.

The packages are made with foil sheets which help protect them from exposure to moisture and air.


Does Chicken Bouillon Powder Expire?

Even though it can last a couple of months after the expiration date, it can still expire.

Without a doubt, the manufacturing process and salt content are mainly responsible for its long shelf life.

But it doesn’t mean it will remain in good quality till infinity.

The flavors and other ingredients used for production will start losing their original taste and freshness.

That is why it is very important to thoroughly scrutinize your chicken bouillon powder before consumption so that it doesn’t lead to critical health issues.


How Long Does Chicken Bouillon Powder Last After Expiration Date?

Chicken bouillon powder can last up to three months after the expiration date.

This is just an estimate, it can be more or less depending on how well it is preserved.

The expiration date only tells you when best to consume, it doesn’t mean it will go bad immediately after the expiration date.

Watch out for signs that indicate total spoilage like bad taste, unpleasant smell, mold activities, or change in color.

Even though it can last after the expiration date, your soup or stew may not be delicious or tasty because there is degradation in quality.

If you notice this, you can add more powder to your soup which helps improve the taste.


How Long Does It Take Bouillon Cubes To Dissolve?

It takes about thirty seconds for your bouillon cube to fully dissolve in hot water or sauces.

The reason why it dissolves so fast is based on the fact that the heat of your boiling water quickly melts the fats responsible for holding the cubes.

Even if the cube is made from dehydrated meat, stock, or vegetables, they all dissolve in hot soup or water.

Some can even decide to grate these cubes into powdered form and are sprinkled them on various foods as salt.

One cup of hot water equals one cube which results in one cup of rich broth.

These rich cubes add delicious flavors to your sauce or soup.


Is It Safe To Use Expired Bouillon?

It is safe to use expired bouillon, whether it is in powdered, cube, or granular forms.

You just have to ensure that it is stored properly and the original package is not damaged in any way.

The “best by” or “ best if used by” date is just an estimate from the manufacturers that indicates when best to consume.

It tells you that your bouillon will be at peak quality during a particular period of time.

Also, is still safe to consume, but there will be a change in quality.

It may no longer be nutritious and flavorful when compared to its peak state.

If you have decided to use it at low quality, then there is no issue. It will not cause any harm to your health.


How Do You Store Bouillon Powder Long Term?

Bouillon powder serves a lot of purposes when it comes to different dishes and that is why it is very popular.

They are also not very difficult to store in the long term, because it is self-preserving.

They are made in a dehydrated form, which means it lacks water and also contain salt.

This content makes it naturally last long on its own.

All you have to do is to store it in an airtight container with the addition of silica gel packets or desiccant.

The airtight container protects your powder from pests or bugs, moisture, or other external forces.

Remember that your container must be in a cool dry place like your cupboard or pantry and must be free from heat sources.

The purpose of your silica gel packets or desiccant is to help absorb any form of moisture in the container.

This is to ensure that the powder doesn’t get clumpy. Following these simple steps will surely make it last longer.


15 Best Substitutes For Bouillon Powder

The importance of bouillon powder in meals is so tremendous.

But there are other substitutes that come in different forms and they are also doing great.

Here are the 15 best substitutes for bouillon powder. They are;

  1. Dry white wine
  2. Chicken stock
  3. Bone broth
  4. Stock concentrate
  5. Bouillon granules
  6. Marmite
  7. Miso paste
  8. Chicken broth
  9. Water and seasoning
  10. Onion soup mix
  11. Tomato paste
  12. Bouillon cubes
  13. Vegetable bouillon cubes
  14. Beef broth
  15. Dashi

You can vary the type of seasonings, depending on your choice of flavors.

Use every opportunity to try other great alternatives available.


Can You Get Sick From Expired Bouillon Cubes?

You can hardly get sick from using expired bouillon cubes.

The only difference between consuming expired cubes is the quality.

No matter how long it can last, the flavors will start depleting gradually.

Degradation of quality will not result in sickness.

However, it is important to observe some deadly signs that can cause harm to one’s health.

Staying for too long after the expiration date can surely make it go bad.

Before using your cubes, check out for signs of discoloration, or an awful or unpleasant smell.

Also, make sure you observe the taste. You can decide to use one-fourth of the cube and half hot water.

These will serve as a testing process to see whether it is still good for your soup or sauce.

When you notice any off-taste, bad smell, or discoloration, it indicates spoilage and must be discarded.

One of the most dangerous signs that can really cause issues to your health is the growth of molds.

Molds are very poisonous and can pose a threat to your body by making you sick for days.

It can affect your digestive system and this leads to nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, and fever.


Does Bouillon Powder Need To Be Refrigerated?

It is best not to refrigerate your bouillon powder.

Some may decide to store it in the fridge after the package is opened.

If you want to store it in the fridge, it is best to store it in an airtight container so that moisture from the refrigerator doesn’t get inside the package.

Freezing your powder is not advisable because it can totally ruin the texture and quality resulting in freezer burns.

It is better not to refrigerate your powder.

Storing in a cool dry environment will prolong its shelf life.

Storing powder in the refrigerator or freezer can make it clump together.

On the other hand, cube shape, granules may be refrigerated after opening the pack.

But it must also be placed in a sealed container.

To avoid going through all that procedures, you can simply store them in a cool pantry.


What Can You Do With Bouillon Powder?

Bouillon powder has a lot of uses. It contains different types of dehydrated ingredients that can serve as flavor dumplings, casseroles, pasta dishes, curries, soups, or sauces.

They are highly concentrated and require little storage space when compared to normal stock which requires large storage space.

They also have a longer shelf life than homemade stock or other seasonings.

Bouillion powders are so diversified because they can be used in almost any kind of dish.

There are also powders that are mainly for vegetarians that don’t eat meat.

Another amazing feature to note is that it helps hasten the preparation of your stews, soup, or sauce.

You don’t have to go through the stress of preparing it from the beginning.

Homemade bouillon doesn’t last that long and it takes a lot of time to prepare.

But with store-bought powder, you just have to sprinkle in your food without wasting much time.

In a few minutes, your food is ready with a delicious taste.



Bouillon Powder is one of the best when it comes to seasonings and flavors.

It has a very long shelf life due to the dehydration process and salty ingredients.

Retaining its good quality is of utmost importance, which means that it must be stored in the right conditions.

It comes in different forms like cubes, granular, and others.

Due to its nature, it is not advisable to store it in a freezer or refrigerator.

Precautions should be taken when used after the expiration date.


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