How Long Do Tic Tacs Last

How Long Do Tic Tacs Last?

How long does Tic Tacs last? Tic tac is an Italian candy that was first produced in 1969 by a company called Ferrero.

Tic tac is now known worldwide and its sales are in over a hundred countries to date.

The common color of a tic tac is white and it has this mint flavor.

Tic tac is basically a mint candy you can enjoy on the go and it provides about 2 calories when chewed.

Tic Tacs are rich in carbohydrates of about 95% and other nutrients in minute quantities.

You tend to see Tic Tacs in transparent containers with a slide-open lid above them,

due to modernization,

we have tic Tacs in many colors now apart from white but the containers are still transparent.


Now, how long do Tic Tacs last after opening?

Tic Tacs will last for 4 to 5 months after opening depending on how you store them.

When you open the candy it is already exposed to air and its shelf life has a higher chance to reduce

If it is exposed more to air so it’s best for you to store it in an airtight container after opening so it will last for months.

The Tic tac container is airtight when it is newly bought but it wears out over time.

If you have much Tic tac not yet consumed then you should find an airtight bag or jar to pour the candy inside to sustain it.

If you put it in the fridge or freezer it also helps the candy to last longer than at room temperature.

How Long Do Tic Tacs Last In Your Mouth?

Tic Tacs will last for a short time in your mouth if you chew it but if you lick it, it takes more time in the mouth.

If you bite on Tic Tacs immediately you throw them in your mouth, it won’t last more than 5 minutes in the mouth but if you lick it then it would last for about 30 minutes.

How long Tic Tacs last in your mouth depends if you want to chew or lick it.



Can Tic Tacs Expire?

Yes, Tic Tacs can expire just like other candy or mints.

Tic Tac is perishable over time and most times it lasts for up to a year before expiring but it doesn’t go bad immediately

If you store it properly you can still consume it for a few months after expiry.

The expiration date of Tic Tacs is printed on the container and it has the format DD/MM/YY,

Which means the day, month, and year respectively.

Most Tic Tac’s expiry date is 12 months from production so you might meet different dates on various containers of Tic Tacs.


How Long Do Tic Tacs Last After Expiration Date?

Tic Tacs Last for about 4 months after the expiration date only if you store them properly.

The expiration date on Tic Tacs is just a best-buy date and the candy is still good even if this date is exceeded

But it’s best you know some signs to detect if the candy is still ok to consume.

Sometimes the Tic Tacs can get infected and go bad in a short time,

So, you need to check for signs of spoilage like mold on the sweet or if the container has any leak.

You can consume Tic Tacs after the expiration date especially if you live in a dry region

But don’t consume Tic Tacs with mold on them to avoid food poisoning.


How Long Do Tic Tacs Last Before Opening?

Tic Tacs Last for up to 12 months in peak quality if it is not opened, but once exposed to air they will begin to reduce in shelf life.

Tic Tac is long-lasting candy and if properly stored it will go longer than a year in good quality.

Most times you can consume Tic Tac on and on until you start to notice signs of spoilage on it,

If you don’t see any signs like mold on the candy then it is still safe to consume.


10 Best Substitutes For Tic Tacs

We have many substitutes for Tic Tac.

Here are some Substitutes for Tic Tacs;

  1. Ginger mint
  2. Apple Mint (Woolly Mint)
  3. Banana Mint
  4. Orange Mint
  5. Lavender Mint Basil Mint
  6. Calamint
  7. Catmint
  8. Curly Mint
  9. Peppermint

You can use this if you run out of Tic Tacs


Do Tic Tacs Need To Be Refrigerated?

Well, it doesn’t necessarily need to be refrigerated because Tic Tacs are fine at room temperature,

All you need to do is make sure that it is well packaged before storage.

Tic Tac will retain its top flavors as long as the pack is not leaked, and not in the way of Sunlight

Most importantly it should be in a cool dry place to avoid the growth of mold which easily destroys the candy.



How Many Tic Tacs Can You Eat?

Do not Eat more than 50 Tic Tacs.

Well, there is no exact number of Tic Tac to eat but you should regulate how much you consume.

You should never consume two whole packs of Tic Tac in a day because it is very unhealthy to consume candy as much as that.

Each box of Tic Tac contains about 38 pieces meaning if you consume more than 80 Tic tac candies a day you are not doing yourself any good.

Eat Tic Tac in a reasonable manner because it is not the main dish that would be eaten to fill the belly.


What Can Tic Tacs Do To You?

Tic Tac doesn’t really have immediate repercussions on you if you consume them in excess.

Even if it doesn’t contain as much sugar as other candy it still increases the amount of glucose in your body and may lead to diabetes.

It’s not just advisable to consume Tic Tac in large quantities, a few are ok for the day.


Is Tic Tacs Just Candy?

I won’t say it’s a mere candy because it isn’t.

Tic Tac is a double-use treat that duplicates as invigorating mints, what’s superior to a multipurpose sweet?

These notorious confections give you a much-needed refresher feel when taken,

Clear your faculties with their frosty flavors, and make your breath smell as delectable as their mints, all while invigorating your tastebuds.

There are not just mere candies and should not be treated as one.


Where’s Tic Tacs Expiration Date Located?

Tic Tac’s expiration date is located on its container and it is very visible.

Each pack of Tic tac is accompanied by a “best-by” date on the rear of the case.

On the off chance that an item is past this date, it doesn’t constantly become unusable.

Maybe you get the best quality on the off chance that you consume it within the given time limit.

In this way, you can consume Tic Tac on the off chance that it has just been a couple of days that its best-by date was exceeded.


What Do Tic Tacs Taste Like?

Tic Tacs have a unique taste but it is known for one thing which is its mint flavor.

If Tic tac doesn’t have that mint flavor then you can’t refer to it as Tic tac.

It might have a different taste though since we have new flavors released over time.

Some common flavors are; normal mint, orange, apple, strawberry, pineapple, mango, etc.


What Happens If You Eat Expired Mint?

If it is expired for a few days you are safe and you should have no fear about it harming you.

Presently, as we referenced, all Tic Tac packs utilize a “best-by” date, which is a piece not quite the same as the “utilization previously” date.

You can in all likelihood actually eat a Tic Tac regardless of whether it has as of late passed its best-by date.

The mint may not taste as new yet you are probably not facing any challenge in the event that the pack was put away appropriately.

Given its little size, eating a couple of ruined Tic Tac may just bring about a minor stomach issue.

Be that as it may, it can undoubtedly twist into a much more terrible situation.

Thus, consistently check the dates before you purchase as well as consume one.


Do Tic Tacs Freshen Breath?

Yes, Tic Tacs Do give a fresh breath if consumed.

Regardless of the flavor, in any case, Tic Tac is made to work on your breath.

In the event that you’re only searching for a fast pop of newness, Tic Tac is up for the errand.

The ability of Tic Tac to Deal with and breathe is gotten from the mint contained in them.


Can Dogs Have Tic Tacs?

No, your pets, especially dogs, can’t eat Tic Tacs.

They are the perfect size to be a potential gagging danger,

Have no dietary benefits, are high in sugar, and the gum rendition likewise contains xylitol which is poisonous to pets like dogs.


How Do You Store Tic Tacs?

Tic Tac mints ought to be put away at room temperature.

Keep the pack firmly shut, out of direct daylight, and in a cool, dry spot to keep up with the greatest flavor.

You can likewise store them in the refrigerator where they will be basically as protected as being in a cool, dark spot.


How To Tell If Tic Tacs Are Expired

Ordinarily with dry food sources like this, the “lapse date” is really a “best by” date.

Except if the tic Tac smell is out of control or tastes very strange,

They’re protected to eat on the off chance that you live in a dry region.

Assuming that your area is sticky, don’t eat the tic tac on the off chance that it has signs of mold.

You can basically identify bad Tic Tac by their appearance, smell, and taste.



Tic Tac is one of the most common healthy candies to consume.

Not only does it give fresh breath but it also reduces the risk of consuming diabetes-causing candy

That’s because it is low in sugar compared to other candies.

You should eat Tic Tac from time to time and you should never abuse the use of this candy.

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